Events & Updates

Saturday, February 22nd at 10:00 A.M.: VOLUNTEER CORPS WORKDAY

Help with invasive plant removal, trail work, vine-cutting, beach clean-up, and more.  A great way to have fun, get some exercise, and give something back to the earth.

Saturday, February 29th at 1:00 P.M.: WILD TEA PARTY

Join us for a taste of wild teas brewed from such wild plants as Yarrow, Sassafras, Pine, Goldenrod, Mullein, and more.  This program is geared for adults and children over 12.  Pre-register by calling (914) 967-8720.  Cost $5 per person.

Saturday, March 7th at 1:00 P.M.: THE WONDER OF SEEDS

Plant some sunflower seeds and watch them grow at home.  Learn about the nature of how seeds work.


Animals abound from the tropical rain forests to the driest deserts.  Discover what makes a habitat unique and perfect for the incredible animals that live there.  Meet animals from the rain forest, desert, and our very own temperate forest!  Presented by Anthony Cogswell.  Sponsored by … Read More

Saturday, March 28th at 10:00 A.M.: BIRDING AT THE SANCTUARY

Spring is here at last!   Join us and find out if the early birds are getting the worms!  Loaner binoculars are available for use courtesy of Friends of Read.